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When does a promotional item become a gift?

A promotional item is something you usually give away to promote a brand or a company. A Personalised gift is usually higher value, the reason for giving varies but could be as a thank you, a Birthday gift, etc. 


We offer both types of products and a range of gift wrapping too. We believe in only selling good quality items because your brand, whatever your market, demands it. Let's suppose you want to give away pens to your customers, if you choose a low-quality pen should it break or leaks on to your customer's clothing, they will see you and your brand as cheap. This can be counterproductive to your purpose and often worse than giving away nothing at all. 

Gifts can make an excellent extra income stream for your business too, particularly if you have a brand people want to support. We keep quantities as low as possible so that your money isn't tied up in unnecessary stock. 

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