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Find out the latest news, events, competitions and more from Creative Studio, Sharon Roberts and the Creative Studio Brands


The Latest HAPI

We're talking about sycamore poisoning find out more about this important topic in our in-depth article, blog and forum posts and 8 page activity download for members and site subscribers

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Hapi Latest
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The Latest bliss business

EU funding is coming to an end and UK business funding is not yet established. We are dedicating this time to help bring you as much in money and time savings as we can. We are not focusing on support because many of the established organisations have EU money to use up and so there is lots of training, mentoring and support still available. To access our latest offers join Bliss Business

The Latest Domestic bliss

We are pleased to present The HELPFUL LIST which is an access point to allow people to reconnect to their bliss when things go . You can download our poster to display in your business or group too.

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Super Hero Costumes

The Latest Creative...

We've just added our projects page so you can find out just how we help you be a hero to your business. It talks about the types of things you need and how our innovation can become yours.


Sharon's Spot

I've take a couple of years to develop the fine organisations you see here. It's great to be a part of them all. I'm currently doing some special R&D assignments, and taking some time with the family.

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Sharon Latest

coming Soon

HAPI are creating new equine downloads and in-depth posts on new topics for all ages every week

DOMESTIC BLISS are connecting with support groups around the country to help people find their way through life's difficulties

BLISS BUSINESS are producing a range of articles for 87 business types to help members to get their marketing right

CREATIVE STUDIOS are organising Wix Partner Events to help you to solve your web, social and digital transformation issues in low cost simple ways

SHARON ROBERTS is currently helping friends to move house and organise their spaces, helping a family member start their own new business and transforming her garden to include a dog park and a rose garden.

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We treat our social media as an arena to reach out and connect with people. We believe it should be joyful, informative, supportive and quiet, that's why our link board doesn't encourage you to connect with us externally. Managing multiple platforms for multiple brands is a business on it's own. That's not who we are. If you are here then you have lots of options to become friends, with the Studio, the Brands we manage and Sharon too.

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Kids with Capes


We want to help you to succeed, in every area, these are our personal offers to help you on your way. We have much more to offer you and recommend you connect to our brands for the latest news, know-how, connections and competitions

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Become a superhero to your business

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Take advantage of our free 30 minutes consultation. In that time we'll help you identify income streams, think about financing your success and tackle the things which keep you awake at night.

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