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Your monthly marketing...

When you are running a small business working on your marketing can cost a lot and rob you of valuable time. What we do is help you set up a plan and budget for the year ahead by spreading the cost

What next?

The development and execution of your marketing plans will be unique for your business. We do a half day development workshop to discuss and agree the best plan for you. We will follow our principles of ADC, analyse, design and create.At this point we can fix a monthly cost and be clear about what everyone is going to do. Once you have achieved your goals, from following the plan, we will adjust the monthly premium in-line with the support you want to receive. You might prefer us to train you and just provide platform hosting, you might want us to do it all. It's up to you!

Quarter 1

Drawing up the plans for the online and offline marketing

Setting up the accounts to make it all happen - web hosting, CRM, Social Media etc. 

Brand artwork design

Quarter 2

Refining the web page

Keeping in touch with customers and subscribers

Some signage for the business activities.


Quarter 3

Gathering & connecting with subscribers 

Developing the online presence 

Press releases

Chanel content development

Getting products seen online

Mailshot to customers and subscribers Branded clothing for the team. 

  • Quarter by Quarter

  • Flexible

  • Tailored for your business growth

  • Cost effective

An example of a first year plan.

Creating a Linkedin presence 

A gift or promotion for customers. 


Merchandise development


Networking Master Class

Setting up a networking schedule and budget. Training. 60 seconds development  What to take and what do do afterwards.

Posts for twitter, linked in and Facebook. Mailshot to growing lists.

Merchandise production

Exhibition Master Class

Stand design, how to attract visitors, pre-show marketing, giveaways and promotions, which literature, lead handling budgeting and post-show catch-up. And of course. stand management and budgeting.

Quarter 4


Improve web and social media presence. PR considerations

Enhanced printed materials.


Corporate Clothing, Signage, Business Gifts, Branding, Merchandise Website, Social Media, SEO and printed materials. 

About our workshops...


Our half day development workshops can be purchased on their own or as part of a pay monthly marketing package

They take part in our Creative Cabins spaces, they are currently available as a virtual workshop. The materials created are emailed to you at the end of the session, This includes quotations for any purchases you wish to make. If you are considering a pay monthly marketing program then the program outline and costs will be sent to you within 48 working hours of the workshop closing, 

Workshops are payable in advance with a full money back guarantee should the session not represent great value for money.

The cost at the time of going to press is £250 for a 4 hour in studio session and considerable extra time for our expert in research and development. Discounts are often available for suitable businesses - please ask for details. 

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