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Creative Studios ARE currently hiring
Business Guides and Business Facilitators

  • Be your own boss and be part of a small team with the same goals 

  • Earn in excess of £2000 per month, working from home

  • Work the hours you choose becoming a trusted adviser to local businesses

  • Learn as you earn with 2 types of income streams

  • New and innovative products & services

  • Work with a UK company, passionate about British brands

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Frequently Asked Questions

What hours will I be required to work?

We require all our team members to have at least 10 hours per week available.

Where will I be based?

You will be based in your home town. You will have the option to work from home or from a hot desk if you prefer.

Will I be working with others?

You will be in control of your working day but will have regular contact with your support team and contact with others in the same role.

What will I be doing?

We have two roles available currently Business Guides and Business Facilitators.

Our guides think differently about sales and marketing and help our customers to do the same. They are in regular contact with businesses we want to help or have assisted in the past. They actively seek out our type of customers. They receive a rich resource base and are encouraged to join our marketing academy. They explain to enquirers how we can help their business and they bring the order to the point of engagement. Then it’s over to the facilitators.

Our facilitators work in the engine room of our company. They work closely with our customers during the creation stage. They match the project to the right stakeholders and make sure the needs of the project are met. They are honest, fast, and analytical. They support 2 innovators.

Will I be able to gain additional qualifications?

Yes in addition to on the job training and regular training initiatives you will be able to join our academy. You will gain extra up to date skills and certificates for each study course you do.

What does Creative Studio do?


Our Portfolio comprises of:

  • Analysing the customers marketing need

  • Designing the right solution

  • Creating the right products

We do this through both in-house expertise and by using the supplier stakeholders we work with.

How much will I earn?

You will earn a percentage of all work you are involved in. This varies from role to role.  You may also be invited to become a consultant and this will open up another valuable income stream

What holidays will I have?

You will be able to set your own holiday schedule and can take up to 6 weeks per year.

Will I be required to sell anything?

Our strategy is inbound and conversational marketing, (don't worry - we'll explain).  You'll be talking to people who are interested in what we do.

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