5 Ways to Soup-up your Signs.

Updated: Jul 5

May 4, 2018

Your signage is your customer's window to your world. What does it say about you?

1. Keep it clean!

Seems obvious but when you're busy it's an easy one to forget. Make it someone's job to check once a month, weekly if you are on a busy road. Plus it's worth checking the fastenings are secure. This will stop your signs from flying away if it's windy and you being sued. You can download our checklist template here at least then you'll be able to prove you are a responsible business owner.

2. Are your details up to date?

If you have a new website, you've changed your phone number or your opening hours your signs should let your customers know. It will frustrate potential customers and the may well not come back if they have seen a sign which says you are open until 5pm and you're closed at 3pm. Our new AR for Business puts all these important things under your control, it allows you to talk directly to the person at the door even if you are not home. You will make the right connections and really grown your business - fast and affordable. Book a free demonstration to see how this revolutionary product will quickly transform your business. 

3. Does it say what you do?

How often have you looked at a company's building and it's beautiful, it's got a great sign but you've still no clue what they do. Sometimes it's strategic. There are some organisations who need to be anonymous. If yours doesn't fall into that category - then you are missing out on potential new relationships! Don't panic if your signs cost you too much to replace, you can probably add something lovely to get people coming in. Creative Studio would be happy to take a look. If you want to send us some pics over and what you do we can suggest the best ways forward. It doesn't always have to be conventional!

4. Does it say come in we are friendly?

It's a big deal for many of us to venture over the threshold of somewhere new. If we want to get new people in we need to make it as easy as possible. Think carefully about what would encourage you to visit?  You could google successful businesses like yours on street view to see how they create a warm welcome. Sometimes a pleasant touch such as nice planters or gleaming signs can be all it takes. Nothing says I care about a place more than someone sweeping or litter picking outside their business. Some of the best ways to make your signs inviting is by getting the materials and the graphics right for your audience. You could even wow them with a digital TV screen style sign! Call us if you want some advice.

5. Will it win you new business?

We can often forget that signs become part of the view. Sure people will notice it at first - even if it's bad it can do your business good. Keep it the same for too long and people just don't see it. There are lots of ways to tackle this problem. A boards with frames so that you can change the posters regularly. Outdoor wall mounted frames are really cheap but look great. Banners flags and even pop-ups can all be employed to keep those visitors coming.  We have some great ways to change your signs with minimal cost. Getting people in is not so important if you have a destination brand such as a Theme Park - after all they are coming anyway. But if you are trying to win passing trade or you just want to be seen, your signage is a fantastic tool and it's low cost too. Always check what you can and can't do in your local area. The district council should be able to advise.

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