Boys Football Bedroom - Bang on Budget? It is here.

Updated: Jan 3

We're just remodelling the PlayCafe Kitchen and the Channel 4 Program Bang on Budget Caught my eye. The episode we watched showed a couple remodeling a Kitchen/Lounge with a £25K budget (5 times ours) and football loving little boy's bedroom (budget £850). Yes I did say £850.

When I saw the work involved I thought there is no way they can remodel this one for £850 until I learned that it was only the cosmetics which would count towards the budget. I watched with interest. It occured to me that this would be a fun project to mirror for our readers benefit.

They had some ornate old mdf wardrobes which they said they were going to reuse but decided that they would need to be replaced. Something I know from personal experience was the only sensible decision. I wont spoil the outcome in case you want to watch the show. It's streaming on Channel 4 currently. I hope you enjoy our take on a budget friendly football room. I've tackled it (pun intended) on the order I would do the work in.


Decide what you want where now. I know it's a pain and can be super hard to visualise but will save you so much effort and cash. Look out for my forthcoming blog about creative room planning. But do think about the practical stuff. What storage do they need for clothes, toys, books and tech. Where are the electrics located in relation to activities you want to do. Is your kid a climber or a tipper? If you factor in their personality style it can save you time and trips to the A&E. It's much cheaper to make any changes before you start than later on too. Look at what you already have, can it be recycled, painted, padded or vinyled. Are there things knocking about which you can steal from other areas. I currently have our conference table in the kitchen for extra baking space. We have bookcases and tables that have been all over the house, business and even exhibitions too. I think furniture should be fluid. When you have your plan talk to your child. Sit them in the room and tell them what you want to do. It's their room and they will feel important and involved if you involve them. If they are not interested that's OK too.


In my view ceilings should always be white unless you live at St. Pauls or Chatsworth. It could be because low ceilings make me feel trapped, but if you can get extra light and make the space look bigger why wouldn't you? I wouldn't fit a light fitting until all the painting was done and the furniture in, in case of damage, but here is one of my favourites for football fans on the cheap. It really is only £2.50. I would add some black hexagon vinyl pieces to the outside - sure it will knock back the light a little but makes a very cute half football. If you are struggling to get the hexagons please message us.

Get it here:


I love Wilco Paint, the quality, the ease of application, the price! Go for durable in a kids room here's why. This week we had just finished painting the kitchen wall a fetching dark duck egg. When the Asda delivery arrived, the driver was a bit grumpy and in a hurry, and rushing I knocked off a 600ml carton of double cream which splatted onto the floor and up the new wall. Being grease based I expected lots of clean up and repainting. No so, a quick wipe with kitchen roll and it was as good as new. Verdict go durable! Here are the footballers choices from the range: If it's a room that doesn't get a lot of light white is a good choice. If it's north facing you could warm it up with one of the creamier shades instead. I would use the Elf as a feature. If you put it all over it might feel like you are inside a football pitch rather than on it.

Get it here: Elf -

Get it here: Pure Brilliant White -

Don't forget when you order your paint brushes, trays, pads etc can all be added from Wilco at a great price and they even deliver to your door.


On the show they bought a green carpet for £260 I can't comment on if this is a good price because I don't know the size of the room and an extra couple of square metres could massively impact the cost. Every penny counts here. What I can say is it's worth scouting round for an off cut if the room is small and in a boys bedroom where he's likely to want a change in a couple of years it's not worth going for a hessian back underlay arrangement at this point. Save the money go for the all in one finish. I would avoid painting floorboards - risky to bare feet. And vinyl though cheap marks easily so if you go for vinyl expect to replace it every year. I know that doesn't sound too bad but when you consider that the room has to be completely empty to fit the stuff it's a lot of work for you. If you have an ok carpet that isn't perfect for the colour scheme this folding gym mat could make a good alternative. It can be put down for floor based activities - giving an extra layer of comfort. Avoid this one if you think it might be a trip hazard - it's a little thicker than a normal rug.

Get it here:


I always think in kids rooms you need to block out the light to help them sleep better and roller blinds provide the perfect low cost solution. Do not ever leave the cord dangling you must use the cleat provided. Here are a couple you might like. This one is sky colour and is availabe in a few good sizes which can be cut to fit

or a very low cost white


On the show they chose some Ikea furniture methinks. They made sensible choice. Here is the Bed...

Get it here:

The took out the desk (presumably they didn't buy it - I didn't see it in the room). I would buy it because you can use it under the bed to save space or move it and create a proper homeworking space, craft or gaming area. This is a great robe to grow with your child too.

Now for the handles. You could turn these into footballs with the addition of a little vinyl (happy to help with this if you can't find a supplier) or how about orange slices?