Do you Love a good Latte?

Updated: Jul 5

Whether you love a latte or are crazy for cappuccino there's no doubt that coffee is big business. Here's how to cash in on our coffee craziness.

An environmental nightmare 

The probably the biggest issue at the moment is the shocking figures on the waste created by our country's take-away coffee habit. Billions of coffee cups are binned annually and only 1% are recycled. The rest end up in landfill, even though 87% of UK coffee drinkers are already trying to dispose of their cups in recycling bins.Many of us mistakenly think "It's a paper cup, so I can recycle it." The truth is that the necessary plastic waterproofing layer added to the cups, means that the recycling process is more complex. This can currently only be handled at a very small number of UK facilities. One of the best ways around this is to switch to a reusable coffee cup - giving a great business gift and branding opportunity for many UK organisations. Of Course it's great for anyone who does or plans to sell coffee. It's also it's perfect for companies who want high visibility branding, better corporate social responsibility or better staff relations. Here's why...

  • High viz branding: We carry the cup or it's sitting on a desk, it's opposite us on the train. Its there. Subliminal but in your face. If it has your brand on it people are seeing your company.

  • Better social responsibility: We talked earlier about the waste problem, how better to do your bit for the environment than giving away coffee cups. You can speak of it in your tender applications and social media posts. It's a great way to engage with the press and public alike.

  • Better staff relations: What better way to underpin your values, make them smile or keep them on side than every time they take a sip

I know what you're thinking how do i choose the right cup? Here's the drop on one of my favourites and it's make in the UK too.

The Americano range come in 3 sizes as you would expect the 250ml Primo, the 300ml Medio and the 350ml Original Americano. It features a full colour wrap, or 4 spot colour print on a wide range of base colours. It boast a secure screw fix lid, in mix or match colours.  It's BPA free and top rack dishwasher safe. It comes with either a brandable silicon grip, a grande handle or a tyre tread version of the grip.  Making it perfect for those in the motor trade. Card packaging is available for those who want to retail their own branded version too.  There is a new Midnight sparkle style with black or blue sparkle outer and lid for those seeking a bit of glamour or perhaps a night-time theme.  Coloured inners and handles are available for larger orders. There is a "stix to go lid" to prevent spills and is stir the drink too. There are even more options which you can explore and quantities start from just 60 pieces. Prices on the large 350ml version from £2.50. I'm convinced this is the best mug for the money on the market today. 

If you'd like more, lets grab a coffee and see how we can sweeten your day.

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