Everything you need to know about creating your print.

Updated: Jul 3

There are many ways to print these days and as a specialist small footprint printer with great connections and discounts to the larger manufacturing printers your design work is in safe hands.

Now we might be accused of spilling trade secrets here, but we don't care, because we want your print to be as great as possible and lets be honest if you want to find out the info for yourself there is bound to be a YouTube video about it if you search long enough. So here goes.

We offer:

Plain - no print at all

Full colour sublimation - This is a high quality full colour ink which takes on the appearance of the item. Very effective and almost always on a white background.

Vinyl - This is perfect for text and simple graphics, available in a wide range of single colours including glitters. Great for names and simple details

Laser Print a full colour print similar to sublimation but generally not as hardy, available for a wide range of finishes too.

Not all products are available in all finished so please be lead by the item description if it's polyester it can be sublimation printed or vinyl added.

Keeping it text based?

Colour and Font

We have all Adobe based fonts - you can check them out here. As a rule of thumb never use more than 3 and if your item is tiny no more than two. Typography the art of using a typeface artistically is often overlooked, we love typography and if you'd like us to design something for you we'd be delighted. We print in CMYK format so we can pretty much print any colour you can think of do bear in mind that even though we can exactly match your colour on the pantone scale it may well look different on the finished item. This is down to the finish for example a knitted jumper in the same colour as a metal belt will have a different sheen. Just something to bear in mind.

Say it well

Short is better but don't loose the sense of your meaning. This can be really tricky. If you are struggling we have excellent wordsmiths and budding poets to help. Do run the spell checker unless you are intending to mizspel ;)

Going for colour?

Size Matters

The quality of your printed image can only be as good as the quality of image which goes to print whether its an old photo or a design you've created. So be sure to check that the image/file you are sending us is in good shape. Don't send images of less than 300 dpi (how many dots there are per inch of image) because your image will be blurry. If you are not sure email it over and we'll take a look. Look at the image with a critical eye, put a frame over it if necessary. It might have great smiles but trust me you will hate that you can see the dustbin in the background if you don't get those cropped out now.

Shape is important too

If your design is wider than tall (landscape) and the item calls for square or taller than wide (portrait) then something has to give. Save the file under a new name and crop it to see if it will work for you.

Get this bit right and you'll be the envy of your friends.

Consider Colour

The colour in the image should tie in in some way with the item you are printing onto. You probably don't want a massive clash, if you do then that's fine! Many of our raw products are white to start with which will really help.

Don't Steal

We are always delighted to print your own designs, whether it's logos, a special drawing or handprint etc, but it MUST belong to you. The reason we insist on this, and you mustn't download something from the internet, is that this has been created by someone else, they own the copywrite to it and you and your printer (us) could be sued. If you use something like a designer logo or a Disney character then you are likely to be sued. If you like us like to design your own things we would love to print them for you and if you have the ideas but not the skills then we'll lend a hand with that too. All you need to do is complete our I'm the designer form and we can go ahead.

Need a design?

We have lots available that we've already created which we are happy to print for you. Just ask and if we don't already have it you can commission us to create it for you. If it's something we think we should have in our collection then we are happy share the creation cost with you.

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