GDPR, SSL & Google

Updated: Jan 21

April 18, 2018

Is your Website Secure?

Here's a little test...

Put your web address into your browser bar and if you see a little padlock symbol and the address starts https -if so you're all good. If there's no padlock and the code starts http then your site isn't secure.

Why is this important? Well, from July 2018 Google will mark all http sites as non-secure. Given that we work hard to drive traffic to our website this will put people off visiting us. Even if your website only has a contact us form, visitors could get a nasty warning. Also if you are storing any personal data on your website you must have an SSL certificate.  SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is responsible for encrypting the transmission of the data and because in this instance you are not collecting the data safely you could be vulnerable under the new GDPR rules for prosecution. 

There are many companies out there who will sell you an SSL certificate. Typically they want to charge you £100 for something they know their product should already do! The great news is that if you are a Wix customer it's already embedded. You can switch it off though, so if your Wix site is missing a padlock check in settings that it's enabled. Struggling? get in touch and we'll help make sure you're secure.

Another great reason I'm glad we decided to partner with Wix.

Best wishes

Sharon x

Our own settings page and where to change yours...

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