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Updated: Jan 21

6 Tricks with images for instant message communication

Updated: October 3, 2018 Created:January 17, 2017|

Sharon Roberts

Good PR must have good pictures and something relevant to say. One of the main problems clients come across is once they had put the story out there getting their message across in pictures could be more tricky. 

Here are 6 tricks to help with your PR picture.

Selfie frames are popular, they can have your message and organisation details in the frame plus they can be shaped too. Don't be afraid to create your own, a beautiful gilt frame can be classy or a plain black can be edgy with the right background. Watch out for sharp edges though and hand made can be heavy to hold in position for long.

Backdrops I love a good green screen background and your designer will work wonders with it, putting you wherever you want to be or with the right message. Not greatly used this one but it could be an easy win for you especially with something tricky to capture with a natural effect. Pop up banners can be created with your details in a red carpet style and used over and over.

Clever Clothing Shirts with your message and brand, hoodies and even scarves worn by the people involved, will give a human perspective and a united front for your story.

Ribbon Cutting If you are opening something new consider having a ribbon printed with your brand it will be seen on all your media efforts.

Balloons Love them or hate them they make great pictures and we have fast and cheap ways of getting your brand on balloons. 

Mugs with a proud history of ceramics here in Stoke-on-Trent, everyone loves a good mug. Printed with your brand and included in the picture this could be your cup of tea

If you would like some help in getting the right message on your pictures, do get in touch. No charges for our advice.

Best wishes

Sharon and the Team x