Have a beach party in your lounge!

Updated: Jul 3

Whatever the weather you can go on holiday anytime you like. Here are our top tips for instant stay-cations.

  • Wack up the heating if necessary.

  • Turn on the holiday tunes.

  • Get your shorts and shades on.

  • Get on the aeroplane, boat etc and jet off for the best holiday ever without leaving your lounge. You can make your transport from giant cardboard boxes or just pretend.

  • Try lounge volley ball - use the couch as a net and a balloon for a ball.

  • Send some postcards home. Check out our cannon studio link for ideas.

  • Take some holiday snaps.

  • Try the limbo broom across two sofas or one and a person to hold up the other end will do.

  • Sing we're all going on a summers holiday.

  • How about designing your own currency with you as king?

  • Don't forget the souvenirs! You can create any of our awesome makes or gather things from around your home from previous trips. Your budding entrepreneurs will love having a souvenir shop.

  • You can even pack your cases and if like us you love the smell of sun-cream a little won't hurt.

Things to avoid: Don't be tempted to bring the sand pit or paddling pool in - it is a vacation for your too!

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