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June 8, 2017

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Fundamentals start here...

Long term vision & short term goals

Where do you want to be in 12 months, 3 years, 10 years?

How about next week? The bigger the plan, the better the planning required. I love having plans, things to look forward to, things I want to achieve. I don’t just have plans for my business. I have a bucket list, goals for my kids and plenty of time doing the things I really want to do. Most of us are prepared to work hard if we believe we can get where we want to be by doing so. We often fail because we THINK we can’t achieve, then we stop trying. Working a good plan on a consistent basis will help you succeed, how fast depends on how good the plan and how much you are prepared to do.

It's obvious. Just like with any journey when you know where you are going, you can plan when to travel and the how to get there. There are many great books and online seminars to help you with vision and goal setting. Two of my favourites are “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson & “Get the Edge” programme by Tony Robbins. I recommend Looking at your long term and short term goals together. This will help you develop, then work your plan in manageable chunks. Be sure to reward yourself along the way. My favourite way to set goals is just to lie back and dream, preferably somewhere peaceful and sunny.

Routine or Rut?

We all struggle with routine no matter how motivated you are. In fact, sometimes the more motivated you are, the more results you get, but the slower your plan seems to be coming about!

To keep me on track I use two apps together firstly “Fabulous” this helps me remember my regular tasks throughout the day and ticking those boxes makes me feel I am getting somewhere. It's programmable so once you've established your habits you can add more or tweak existing ones. The second one is ISO Timer. I didn’t use this properly at first and overloaded it with information. I felt like I spent more time reading the app than actually working on my plan! So I started again, having searched for something else, but quickly realized ISO was the best for me. I chunked my time, I chunked my goals and I added my Google calendar. Doing a bit each day helped me feel good and get the results I wanted. I wasn’t stressed out because I was following my plan. These two apps complement each other very well. I've also added Trello this helps me keep track of what's happening you can add checklists, images and notes onto boards you create. You move the boards from task to doing to done. It's satisfying and because i have it on my phone I no longer have to carry notes and membership cards, instead I have images of them. Please email me any questions you may have.

It’s a lifestyle choice.

Don’t consider your business plan in isolation. Do a life plan too. This way you will get balance, it's important to remember why you started the business in the first place. If there are other people (and I’m sure if there aren't yet there soon will be), who need to be involved in your plan, you can isolate those tasks and goals. Then issue as a separate plan. It’s O.K. to have more than one and with the technology now available, it doesn't have to to be slow or complex to do. It’s also likely that you will be a key part in other peoples plans. Having a structure will help you be realistic about what you can achieve and take control of the time you spend on other peoples plans. This can eliminate a great deal of stress and friction.

Don’t forget to look back.

When you are working hard, it’s easy to think you aren’t getting anywhere. If you look back to where you started, from time to time, you will see how far you have come. I review my goals every Sunday Evening. Don’t analyse how you could have done it better, there is no point in regret. Any progress is good progress, use your achievements to drive you forward. It will also give you cause to celebrate when you most need it. Celebrating as you go will help you enjoy the journey.

"Having long term vision will not get you out of bed in the morning but will help you get momentum through the year and achieve much of your desires."


  • Have long term vision and short term goals

  • Get help when you need to

Please Note: the information in this post are the views of the owner and are well-intentioned. You should evaluate and apply them as you see fit. Every person is different and every business unique.