Little things really can mean a lot

You've heard it said little things mean a lot. A busy lifestyle can make it tough to think of new stuff. Here are a few back to basics ideas with big meanings...

Reading together unites friends.

The power of a good book

Sometimes a quick story can be just the thing to come together in a special family moment or to unite a friendship group. Cuddle up on the sofa or take it outdoors, books can be some of the best places to visit and the memories can last a lifetime.

Pegging out

The humble peg bag can be a perfect place for little ones to develop their fine motor skills. It's also a great place to construct things and use their imagination.

Caution: check all your pegs are in good order and don't present a choking risk. Please be sure to supervise.

A walk, whether long or short, town or country can be great fun for all members of the family - whatever the weather! Comfortable footwear is a must and if you live in the UK even on the brightest days it's worth packing a waterproof coat with your water bottle. Search walks near me and check the reviews before setting off with your tribe.

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