Meet our marvellous Mumbles collection!

Updated: Jul 3

I fell in love with the Mumbles toy collection many years ago when I saw them at Spring Fair and we've sold them ever since. They are superb quality, with excellent detailing and the most beautiful faces. But the best is yet to come...

Over the years the range has changed a little as demand for different characters has changed, but the traditional bears and others have remained in all their glory.

The Bracken Bears

So what is the best thing about Mumbles characters? Well for me it's has to be the endless printing possibilities, not just the clothes but the Zippie range enables us to print full colour directly on to your characters tummy. There is an impressive range to choose from 2 sizes, lions, elephants, monkeys, cats, dogs, bunnies and even the odd unicorn! Plus as well as the characters themselves which all have safe eyes there are backpacks, hot water bottle covers and blankies. If you can't choose between the blankie or the character some characters come with their own blankie to make the perfect baby gift.

Here are some pics of our favourites. Don't forget you can dress your character for every occasion with a personalised shirt, hoodie or bandana. Birthday's, Logos, Christmas and even a proposal, we've done them all.

We are just starting a collectors club and we would love for you to join us as we share our unique cuddly adventures You can send a gift character or accessory as often as you want to. We hope to see you soon and look forward to hearing what you and your characters get up to. To find out more about our collectors club send us a quick email and we'll fire the details back to you.

Just before you go, we are all so proud of our NHS and Mumbles Rainbow Bear is perfect for saying Thank You to all those very special people. We are donating a decent percentage of the proceeds of sales from this particular character to our favourite NHS worker's charity. More details as they become available. The design is shown below and can be personalised to thank your favourite people. If you want to get your own character or view our catalogue here's the link and follow the meet the mumble tab.

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