Only one image? How to make it count!

Updated: Jul 5

April 27, 2018

Producing a kick ass leaflet even if you only have one image.

 You know how it goes - you meant to take lots of pictures from your event, but the budget wouldn't stretch to a photographer and you now have 10 pics all basically the same and the rest are rubbish! Don't panic there are things you can do to create an interesting brochure with only one image.

We just used my Modern Medusa image. It's bright and so we matched the colours of the design with a pallet of colour blocks - mostly triangles. This design style is available free of charge to all Creative Studio Customers. We edited the background. Thus changing the image. In this case we made it yellow but a black and white, sepia etc would would just as well. The choice of colour depends on your audience preference. We put in a close up of a section of the image for interest.

We employed a clever opening style for the leaflet we call it a gated double z fold. It's something we can offer to our customers and really helps create magic.

Here's how it works.

The overall folded size is DL opening to A4. This gives technically 10 sides in this design we have treated them as 8 sides

The front illustrated below doesn't have an image only blocks of colour. Remember these should be to your own style pallette...

The back has a partial image and more colour blocks...