Protecting your Work-space - 6 things to consider when getting a new bag

Updated: Jan 4

February 17, 2018

So many of us are fortunate enough to be able to do at least some work wherever we are.  All we need is our trusty laptop and an internet connection and we can contact customers, work on contracts or update our accounts.  How much attention do we pay to transporting our precious laptop? Here are 6 things you might like to consider when choosing the right bag...

Is it weather resistant?

Travelling around in Britain means encountering rain and often. It can be tricky juggling keeping you dry and your kit especially in heavy downpours. Make sure your laptop is well protected. Many of the cheaper products aren't waterproof. Swiss Peak 15" Bag has a waterproof rain cover.

How can I reduce the risk of theft?

Some laptops have a metal frame which as well as making it more robust can prevent your case from being cut. Some have an integrated lock so that you can fix your case to an object - a little like a bike lock. Or you could consider an alarm.  Bobby Biz Anti theft back-pack and brief case is worth a look.  

Travelling Outdoors

If you travel on foot it's worth considering a backpack style some even convert to a briefcase so you are ready for important meeting too. Some have reflective strips or led lights so that you can be seen.

Is it functional?

Before you buy consider how you are likely to use it and what you will need to keep with it. There is no point buying a case which won't take your notebook or you can't get your phone case in, if these are things you need to do. Some bags include phone charging capabilities and headphone connections.

Is it stylish?

First impressions are important, use a shoddy bag and people might think you are shoddy with your work! It doesn't have to be expensive just good looking and functional. We like Arata 15" in Grey


s it the same as everyone else's?

This might not seem important but if your bag looks like every other (you know the ones) it's super easy for you or someone else to pick up yours thinking it's theirs. The best way to avoid this is pick a bag with some colour or add a personalised touch such as a key ring or bag tag.

Creative Studio would be happy to help you find the perfect bag for your budget call or email today to find our our latest offers.

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