Brand or Business? What's the difference!

Updated: Jan 21

We hear people talk about building their business or building their brand, but what's the difference? In a nutshell your business is your company and the products or services you offer. Your brand is the personality or image your company projects. We sometimes get confused between our business and our brand especially where the two overlap.

This article by Chris Irby explains it really well I think. Click to view. If you plan for and grow both at the same time it can protect your margin for years to come and give you a business and a brand you are proud of.

Be instantly recognisable

We all know certain logos, theme tunes and phrases and associate them with their owners, there are even games to test your logo knowledge! The question is: How do we get people to recognise our brand? In future blogs we will go into much more detail but for now here are a few things to think about:

  • Emotive Company Colours

  • A relevant great looking Logo

  • A meaningful strap-line

  • A character to represent your brand

  • Great looking images and video

  • Make sure your passion, your story and your reasons for being are clear to your audience

How to get Help

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