Why key rings can be key to a successful promotion...

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March 24, 2017

I am always losing my keys, my family believe that there are some people who can't be trusted with the responsibility of keys and I am one of them. Ouch.

I've tried the whistlers, the clappers, the special place, hell I've even tried to train our Labrador to retrieve them for me! The only thing which works reasonably well for me is a good size bunch, weighty, noisy and annoying - but I know where they are. Fortunately most people aren't like me, but we all have keys right? I thought it was time to take a closer look at this key promotional item here are the good, the bad and how to avoid the ugly...

The Good

Almost everyone uses some sort of key ring so there is a good chance it will be well received.

There is masses of choice from the beautiful full colour chrome boxed gift to the cheap and cheerful plastic versions.

If you have an established brand, key rings are an easy and saleable product to add to your portfolio. There will be a certainly be a style to suit your brand too.

They are a long life product and fairly high visibility too. They may not always be on show but are often used making them memorable to your clients. They are a natural choice for the construction and automotive industries.

Key rings also make an excellent filler product, not too expensive to give on their own, perfect for goody bags and for adding value to your boxed sets.

The Bad

You are competing with your clients personal taste - they need a reason to use yours. The trolley keeper,  torch and cute bears are more expensive but they are more likely to be used, in the right context of course.

Your key rings will be well used and the last thing you want is your product falling apart or your details wearing off - so pick a good quality one. You don't want to be the reason someone has to call an emergency locksmith.

The Ugly

Choose wisely don't just get them in your company colours, think about the style, what it says, can you inspire people or make them laugh. Can you give them something useful like a qr code or AR code to great offers you have or a USB  stick. This way they will remember you for all the right reasons. One of my favourites is my Waitrose fob not strictly a key ring but it lives with my keys because I know I can use it to get my free coffee fix, genius marketing don't you think?

"If you would like some help deciding if key rings might be right for you, just ask your Creative Studio Innovator- if you're not sure who that is click here and we'll let you know."

Worth Knowing...

We have lots of made in the UK products and two day lead-times for small qualities, so if you forgot to order them we can help out.

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