Cardboard cut-outs or standees are a great way to advertise and are perfect for product launches or parties. Give your promotion that extra impact! Don't miss the chance for great life-size cardboard cut-outs at your party or event. All cardboard cut-outs are complete with a fold out back strut making them fully free standing. *Prices quoted above are typical quantities and popular finishes. Please ask us for our best price for your application

6 ft Life-size Standees

  • Details

    Printed using the latest Durst technology. Single sided. Size available: 6ft. Material : Bubble board. Finishing: Trimmed using a Esko Konsberg XPi24 cutter. Please make sure you supply your cutter profile as a 5th layer, with a 0.5mm vector stroke, highlighted in a spot colour and named “cutter". Turn around: 3 day production period. See our artwork guidelines before sending across your artwork.

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