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Every Business Needs Heros to succeed, people who go above and beyond, using their unique skills, being brave.


How do you tell Ironman from Superman? Catgirl from Wonderwoman? We recognise them immediately.  Sure they have there special skills (as do your team), but the main reason we know who's who instantly is by what they wear. We want to give your business the opportunity to recognise and reward your heros by what they wear too. It's a small cost but a great way for you to build moral, connection and work together to change the known universe.


Your Shirt 

Take the edge off your world’s hectic pace with the tee that always feels like a stress-free weekend. This ringspun pre-shrunk cotton Jersey is knit exclusively of deluxe 30s Softstyle™ yarns, resulting in a lightweight, highly uniform fabric that makes an excellent backdrop for your hero print. With Euro fit shoulders and arms for a fitted look. 


Check out our Performance for a more sports style shirt, perfect for leaping small buildings


Your Style

Choose from a star, lighbulb or lighning bolt shape which we add the name of your hero and their special skill. Here are a few ideas but you can of course add your own.


Dan     Marketing Hero - all those late nights and great copy

Stan    Star Driver - never mised a day and the customers love him

Sam     -  lightbulb design for her bright (unspecified) ideas

Gemma  Customer Hero - for retaining that big client who would have quit had it not been for Gemma



We have a few print colours to choose from and soo many shirts. If you want your hero to be seen then choose a print colour opposite to your shirt. So black shirt white print. Pale blue shirt dark Blue print. 


  Other Hero Products are available  


Business Hero Ladies Every Day Tee

Shirt Colour