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Children's Drinking Cup

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    Kids Water Bottles in 4 colour tops. These new Kids Drinks Bottles have a white base which is fully printable. Made of similar material to our polymer products these are lightweight and will not smash if dropped. Note the different designs on these drinks bottles - the blue bottle is plain, the pink bottle has a different cap opening style with a motif on the top and the yellow has a smiling face with the green button doubling up as a nose! New colour just arrived - bright green colour in the blue cap design. Overall sizes are 80mm diameter (same as a standard mug) by approx 170mm tall (printable area 95mm tall max). To give some idea of the amount of liquid they hold - a standard mug (e.g. our European Mug) will fill the kids drinks bottles just over 3/4 full in the part below the screw lid.

    This is a special order but is usually available within 7/14 days.