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Dress your favourite to impress with our high quaility character  t-shirts

Available in a wide range of colours and 3 sizes.


Choose from


Add your text...

You can add a short text message in any Adobe standard font. Simple graphics can be added for a small additional charge. Please ask for details. 


Go Full Colour...

Choose a white shirt and you can add your choice of image photos, hand prints etc. Check out out how to post for more info and get creative.


Endless posibilities...

You can dress your character to suit any occasion, perfect for sending a new shirt to the grandchildren every year. Start early and create a treasured collection for them. We can post direct and gift wrap too. Just ask for details. Or Subscribe to our collectors club.


Sizing be sure to check which size your charater wears before purchasing. 

Character Clothing Collection - Shirt

Price Options
One-time purchase
Clothing Collectors
Create a wardrobe for any occasion! Posted to your door.
£4.64every month for 3 months