This is designed to stand alone from your existing website to control customer interaction from the physical world. This can be signage, pos, business gifts, leaflets, business cards and clothing. These are charged at our usual competitve rates. The page is perfect for constant interaction including data capture and print does not need to be recreated for the interaction to work again and again. This page will keep your customers coming back and is brilliant for social distancing compliance because customers only require their smartphone for it to work. This can also be used to keep ALL your social media up to date and in one great place, saving you time and money. You will never need to worry if they have seen what you do again.


  • Mobile Optimized
  • 2 Round of unlimited modifications
  • 1 Pages -  Extra Pages £66 each
  • 2 Live Consultations
  • 1  High performance plugins per site
  • 10 Days to turnaround* 


  • Commercial Use
  • Responsive Design
  • Interactive Mockup
  • This page can be hosted at either at our creativestudiosUK/marketingtoolbox or on your site as part of a paid maintenance plan with us. This is not availabe to be intgrated into sites we have not created.
  • Page is suitable for self management or Creative Studios can manage this on your behalf
  • SSL as standard
  • Site Maintenance available - see additions

Ultimate Landing Page

  • Additional Web Services

    Additional Services

    Additional Modification Rounds £90

    Additional Live Training/Consultation £90

    Extra Pages - see plan

    Extra Plugins can be added at any time. 

    SEO £20 per page +£75 wix seo wizard report

    Brand Guidelines £75 per page

    Also available



    Photo editing

    Site video creation

    Infographics and icon creation

    Interactive Codes - bar, qr, ar etc 

    Logo Creation 

    Marketing Planning 

    Affiliate Marketing

  • Things you must have...

    A name for your site/business

    Good quality images at least one per page 

    Text for each page in a word document or google docs file each paragraph to be headed with the page name or number 

    An email address for publication

    Prepayment with us of your chosen hosting service - we do not make money on hosting or email addresses. 

  • Recommends

     A good quality Logo png and  A good quality logo with a strapline png or jpg - This helps present a professional image and represent your brand.

    Image filenames to match the pictures and your site name - This helps your SEO

    Page Titles and outlines of what each page is to do - Getting clear from the start will help both the quality and cost of site production and is good for your SEO too.

    A company email address for publication - This will look more professional and separate your personal and business emails

    A purchased domain name - This avoids advertising and looks more professional. This is often included in your hosting package

  • About your pages - Ultimate Landing Page

    Homepage - (recommended)

    Your first page or homepage is the one that links the site together, you must clearly show in the top part of your page (just below the header)what you do and what you want your visitors to do. This does not need to be internally connected to this page

    Your contact page

    You should always have a contact page, include your address if you can and a telephone number with your country code. If you plan to store client’s data then you must have a privacy statement. This can be a link to the document or a separate page. This does not need to be internally connected to this page

    The other pages will depend on what you want your site to do. We’ll discuss this with you in our initial consultation.

  • Supporting good ideas

    Do you have a great idea which you cannot fund?

    Each month we give a new business, a brilliant idea or charity service the opportunity to be online. This is to enable an organisation who wouldn’t otherwise be able to do so to test out getting online.


  • Terms of Engagement

    *10-14 days turnaround this is dependent on client availability for updates and agreed criteria being met. 

    5-7 days per round of modification additional rounds £90 each

    Consultation sessions initiated by client

    All support services expire 1 month after project completion unless a maintenance package is selected

    High Performance Plugin will comprise of integregration, testing, training overview during live consultation they do not include data entry or advanced configuration. 

    We do not make money on hosting or email addresses. 

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