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Let's put the FUN into raising funds!

We know how hard you work for the things that really matter to you - we do too. If you would like to raise more, work less (or better) or just have a little less stress then we would like you to consider using us for your charity or community project. Here's what we offer...



We all have a favourite mug and our make a mug workshop is fun for all ages. Order your first box of mugs and we will also send you useful stuff and ideas to run a really successful event. Don't worry if you've never organised an event before or if you are not "creative" we can help each step of the way.

Order Mugs

materials &


Need Shirts in a hurry? Not sure how to promote in a cost effective way? We have all the practical things you need to have a stress less event.


We can also send you thoughtful offers through the year to boost your funds.

Contact us to discuss

a gift for you


We love to support local community initiatives and so we have a half off marketing consultancy visit or workshop to get you on the right track.

To claim your offer email us quoting 


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