Terms & Conditions 

Our Rates

Our studio day rate is currently £500 for an 8 hour period. If a day rate is booked it may be split into two half days, provided that the project is deemed suitable and studio capacity allows. This is always at the discretion of Creative Studios. This must be taken within two months of engagement. Hours are generally between 8am - 6pm Monday - Friday. Times outside these hours are at Creative Studios’ discretion.


Our half-day rate is currently £280 for up to 5 hours. This can be split into hours but must be taken within a month of engagement.

Our weekly rate is £2000 this can be split into days but must be taken within 3 months of engagement.

All rates include access to general studio services and additional charges will only apply where an additional cost is incurred. 

E.g. augmented reality flyers. We do not charge you for use of our creative software suites, our AR studio, or web studio. We would not charge you for emails, telephone calls, etc. We would charge for the flyer production, any images which required purchase and film crew. This would be made clear in a proposal at the start of the project. 


The total cost for any project is plus reasonable expenses where applicable.


Payment Terms 

All invoices are due for payment at the point of engagement, verbal or written unless otherwise stated. Items we “buy-in” for the project must be paid for in full prior to our ordering on your behalf. This practice ensures that we can get the best rates and availability for your project.


Any significant modifications to the project scope as outlined in the proposal, or requests for additional work to be carried out in light of any new information, are not covered by the proposal and, as they may result in additional costs being incurred, will be subject to separate discussions and agreement with you before being carried out.


Should relevant information to a project be withheld intentionally or unintentionally this may affect both the outcome of the project, the timescales, and the cost. In those circumstances, we would always endeavor to keep to budget and time, but we cannot be held responsible for the failure or tardiness of the project, nor are we responsible for extra expenses incurred.


All advice is given in good faith and to the best of our knowledge accurate and up to date. We are not experts in all fields of business and you are advised to seek independent professional advice for matters relating to legal, financial, and other regulated services. 


We are a UK owned company and members of The Federation of Small Businesses

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