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Growing your business is the gateway to your success, with the current trend for everyone putting out as much content as possible, finding what's right for you can be costly and time-consuming. Your very business is in danger because all this content is screaming with offers, solutions, best practices, etc. How do you stand out?


We can help you find what works for you, quickly and easily.  There are great resources here for every small business. Your time valuable, you can use our  consultation service   for a fast guided approach or you can dip into our free resources and hot topics as you please.

We encourage you to  subscribe and wish you the very best results whatever stage your business evolution is at!

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Planning your evolution

Easy Branding

A secret space...


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A quick guide to GDPR


What business are you in?

What business are you in?

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Ask yourself this question: what business you are in?

Answer: Whatever your answer, you also run a media business. Like it or not, you may not have even realized it but you do.


Until the rise of the internet business owners would advertise through traditional media, TV, and radio if we could afford it, the local paper, or even a card in a local shop. We would in essence leave the advertising (media), to the professionals,  basically, someone who had a channel we could use to find our customers. This is no longer the case. We all have at least one channel, which harnessed correctly, will very successfully build our business.


The difficulty for today’s business owner is twofold

1. Finding the time to invest in operating this second media business and

2 being heard by our chosen audience.

Everyone, including our competitors, has direct communication channels this means your audience's attention is very short. ATTENTION is currency. We need to have relevant things to say and good ways to say it. Our response times for customer engagement need to be much faster, more flexible, more informative. Sounds impossible? How can a busy small business owner compete against corporations who have large teams of people who volley for your audience's attention? There is good news! You can harness the technology available to produce fast, easy, personalized responses to meet the changing needs of your customer interaction.


A great way is with AR Technology. Our hot topic post will take you on a short tour.

If you need a little help with a specific area here are 8 ways we can support your online growth 

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Young Business Owner

There are lots of great planing tools out there. This is the one we've developed and used for a number of years. It's now available as a free download.

Easy to use sections for:

  • Dreams

  • Tears

  • Triumphs

  • The year ahead

Split into sections for Home, Business and Self

Short, Simple and free-form

Complete to download

Planning your evolution

Planning your Evolution!

Easy Branding

Download here:

Easy Branding! # 

get our 5 point 
To do list...

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A Creative Space
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Spend time away from your business, working on your business.

Every superhero needs a private space to evolve. Our secret cabin is the perfect place for:

  • Marketing one to ones

  • Sample creation

  • Small run printing

  • Product creation

  • Sort your head out.

A secret space...

Local Coffee Shop

Times are tough for all businesses but is also a great time for creating opportunity. We are here to offer any support and assistance where we can. Please do get in touch.


Funding your business evolution...

Business Grants

With guidance and policy changing on what appears to be an almost daily basis rather than us telling you what's currently available here, please check out the latest information in Staffordshire by visiting: Staffordshire County Council.  Or contact the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire business  growth line on 

 0300 111 8002 or  If you are outside of Staffordshire please contact your local County Council or Chamber of Commerce. 

R & D Tax Credits
Find out how R & D Tax Credits can help fund your innovation. Download HMRC's helpful guide. If you would like assistance getting started with this we know several experts in this area. Please email us for more information.​
Creative Studio Support
We want to support your business as much as we can. Here's what we can do at the moment
  • Pay monthly for your marketing scheme. This allows you to know exactly what you will spend and when. Visit our pay monthly pages to find out more.   Pay monthly Website,   Pay Monthy Marketing
  • Free 30 minutes business consultation and innovation session for all UK SME's. Request yours here
  • Rate reduction - for the duration of the Pandemic our rates are cut by 25 percent. This excludes products, external services, and VAT. 

We are currently working with a number of providers to put together a granting program aimed at forward-thinking companies who would not otherwise be able to fund their marketing ambitions. Email us to find out more

Recap and how we can help

We give mum and dad preneurs and all small business owners the financial freedom and free time to become the hero business owners we need whatever their metropolis.

We do this through the simple application of ADC™ 

  • Analyzing the needs. 

  • Designing the right solution. 

  • Creating the right product (or service)

We understand that cost can stop progress our cost is transparent and valuable. We endeavor to find ways to fund too. We use traditional, and innovative methods at every stage and we have pay monthly schemes.

We know what it's like to be homeless broke and a bit lost. We know this can happen quickly and can seem hopeless. We're here to help prevent business owners from failing when they should be succeeding. 

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Recap and how we can help you...

Hot Topics

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